5 Reasons Why I Love GetResponse

5 Reasons Why I Love GetResponse

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When it comes to email marketing you need to be using a really good and reliable autoresponder service. There are a lots of services out there and not all of them are worth the money you pay for. So you have to be really careful which one you go for.

I have been using GetResponse for over a year now and really love it, I have checked a few others out but haven’t really delved into them. So I can’t really give you a full on comparison of all the services out there but what I can share with you is the five reasons why I have fallen in love with GetResponse.

Why I Love GetResponse (Video)

Why I Love GetResponse (Audio)


GetResponse Live ChatIt doesn’t matter what you buy be it a service, software or a system. The most critical part of it is the support you receive afterwards.

GetResponse has a live 24 x 7 chat support, this helps get your questions answered really quickly and easily. It becomes really helpful when you want to get something sorted that is real simple and waiting for a response for a day or two over email is just not warranted.

They are also pretty active over Social Media(Facebook and Twitter), so they are very easy to get hold even out of the GetResponse environment.

Easy To Use

GetResponse Email CreatorThe back-end of GetResponse is almost like a child’s play, they have created a drag & drop system to make life easy and it comes in really handy if you are not that tech savvy.

Also if you need help and feel a bit lost or stuck they have recorded a lot of screen capture video tutorials that show you step by step what and how to do it.


GetResponse AutoResponderHaving auto-responders part of your email marketing strategy not only helps save time and automate but also builds a great relationship with your potential customers.

GetResponse offers two different types of auto-responders; one time-based(emails get sent out after a specific number of days have past) and the other action-based (depending on a person clicking a link or opening the email they get sent a different email).

So depending on your needs you might use one or the other or even both. I currently only use the time-based.


GetResponse ResponsiveThere are a lot of devices out there nowadays; mobiles, tablets, laptops, monitor screens, etc. The “best thing” is that they all come in a big range of screen sizes so it is really important that when you send your email it shows up properly.

GetResponse send all the emails in a responsive manner, so no matter what device it is viewed on. The receiver will always see it properly.

They also have a cool feature called “Inbox Preview” that lets you see how exactly an email will appear on your reader’s screen considering their email client, browser, operating system, and device.


GetResponse AnalyticsAnalytics of any and all activities are critical in constant improvement of the business.

GetResponse have created an easy to understand analytics system that is both visually digestable and detailed. It shows you all the key stats from open rates to click rates to bounce rates, etc.

Something cool they have is you can compare and analyse stats of two different emails that you sent out.

A lot more other features

GetResponse All FeaturesThey have a bunch more other features I haven’t talked about including split testing, surveys, web forms, live training, rss-to-email and many more.

So if you don’t have an autoresponder service or you are thinking of changing from your current one then get your free 30 day trial account from http://jenishpandya.com/likes/getresponse.

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