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Jenish Pandya 1Hi there, what’s going on? I am Jenish Pandya, an Online Business Engineer, and if you ever asked yourself:

  • “How can I leverage the Internet to grow my business?”
  • “How can I utilize my ideas, knowledge and experience to earn an income online?”
  • “How can I provide more value to my customers with minimal effort?”
  • “How can I increase my income exponentially using online tools and systems?”

Or you just want something/someone to help Grow Your Business Online…

… You are in the RIGHT place!

I believe in helping people and making a positive impact in this world, if I can help someone who can then help 100s or 1000s of other people then I deem that to be a good use of my expertise.

I work with them to aggregate their ideas, knowledge and experience to create Info-Product Delivery Systems. These systems are automated and available 24*7, meaning that their clients/customers can access their expertise at an affordable price and at their  convenience. For the speaker or coach it means that they save time and increase their income.

So What does this mean for you?

The fundamentals never change, only the tools and methods change.” When it comes to growing a business online, it is no different.

This blog is for Professional Speakers who are keen on growing their Business Online as well as those on their journey of becoming a Professional Speaker.  I will be sharing, strategies, tips and techniques on exactly how to grow your business online. Everything you do online is related and it simply can’t be done in an individual silo based approach.

Being an Engineer by trade, I have a knack of understanding how things work, why they behave the way they do, what makes them tick and how it can be easily replicated.
This gives me a unique perspective and advantage over the so called “gurus” and making it easier for you to understand the whole complex world of internet marketing.

Why I started this blog?

In 2008, I came to Perth, Australia (currently living) to study a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. I love solving problems and that is the biggest reason why I chose to study engineering. I completed my degree with Honours and the day I graduated, my parents were probably the most proudest people on planet Earth.
Without the support of my parents, I wouldn’t be what I am now. Thank You! (I can’t thank them enough.)Jenish pandya

During summer holidays of 2008, I was working three jobs a day, almost 12-14 hours every single day of the week. It was at the moment I realized I had no time for friends, family or even my own self. I was earning quite a bit for a poor uni student but I had no time to spend and enjoy it. It frustrated the heck out of me.

Out of that frustration, I decided to find a better solution to the problem. I started looking online for answers and started off with a drop shipping business selling Nintendo Wiis on ebay but I something in my gut didn’t feel right. Ebay was taking a fair chunk of my profit and I didn’t really see myself helping anyone or solving problems.
Then I moved to a printer ink cartridges eCommerce store and built that from scratch. Thinking that once I build it, the customers will come hand me all their money. I waited for a whole month and got zero orders.

I realized that this whole online thing was not as easy as it seemed and when I approached a number of local SEO, social media, and internet marketing experts. They were going to charge an arm and a leg for services they didn’t even fully understand.

They all just wanted to rip me off.
I am a firm believer of charging fairly and running an ethical business.

So I took it upon me to learn exactly how the whole internet marketing thing works. Five years of trial and error along with thousands of dollars spent on a variety of courses, I can say that I now understand a fair amount of this Internet Marketing stuff.

After learning all this, I want to share it with as many speakers as possible to help them out help others. By no means am I a guru or know everything, I am still learning and will never stop. It is this learning journey that I want you to be part of and that is why this blog exists.

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