1000 Podcast Listeners In 100 Days Challenge

1000 Podcast Listeners In 100 Days Challenge – Day 0

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What is the 1000 Podcast Listeners in 100 Days Challenge? The challenge is basically undertaking different kinds of marketing activities to get 1000 listeners in 100 days. 1000 listeners will be defined as 1000 downloads for each episode and/or 1000 people subscribed through email. I am setting myself a challenge of getting 1000 listeners for the Key To Authority podcast in the next 100 days, currently the podcast averages around 50-70 downloads per episode. Throughout the next 100 days I will be blogging …

Grow your business using one simple principle

How To Grow Your Business By 600% – Using ONE Simple Principle

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The Accidental Discovery Before we dive into the ONE principle that will help grow your business by 600% I want to share with you how I discovered this strategy and what all these images have to do with it. I discovered this principle because of my best friend “Purvesh Patel” from secondary school in India. We spent around 4 years having a lot of fun in and out of the school, after which I came to Perth (Australia) for my …

5 Reasons Why I Love GetResponse

5 Reasons Why I Love GetResponse

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When it comes to email marketing you need to be using a really good and reliable autoresponder service. There are a lots of services out there and not all of them are worth the money you pay for. So you have to be really careful which one you go for. I have been using GetResponse for over a year now and really love it, I have checked a few others out but haven’t really delved into them. So I can’t …

ultimate guest post challenge

Undertaking The Ultimate Guest Post Challenge

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I recently got published on ProBlogger, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Here is a snapshot of what happened in terms of Social Media. I couldn’t believe it, also there are around 35 odd comments on the post itself. Simply unbelievable. After that I got an opportunity to share my story “How To Get Featured As a Guest Writer On One of the World’s Most Popular Blogs” on Brad and Matt’s “Learn To Blog” website. All …

jenishpandya.com turns one

JenishPandya.com Turns One

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I really can’t believe its been just over a year since all this started out. Quite a lot of things went as per plan, some didn’t and some just happened without any planning. I have captured some of the major highlights that happened in my personal and business life in this blog post. August 2013 For the first time in the last six years I celebrated my birthday with my parents on the actual day. We always in different countries …

Jenish Pandya and Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse’s 7 Quick Blogging Tips

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Today I experienced what all teenage girls go through when they see One Direction or some other boy band. I got to meet, talk and know Darren Rowse in person. I was simply Star-struck, it was like meeting a movie star but even more awesome. I even got to shake hands and get a picture taken with him (OMG, so exciting) I have been following Darren on ProBlogger for quite a while and getting a chance to see him in …