Grow your business using one simple principle

How To Grow Your Business By 600% – Using ONE Simple Principle

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The Accidental Discovery Before we dive into the ONE principle that will help grow your business by 600% I want to share with you how I discovered this strategy and what all these images have to do with it. I discovered this principle because of my best friend “Purvesh Patel” from secondary school in India. We spent around 4 years having a lot of fun in and out of the school, after which I came to Perth (Australia) for my … turns one Turns One

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I really can’t believe its been just over a year since all this started out. Quite a lot of things went as per plan, some didn’t and some just happened without any planning. I have captured some of the major highlights that happened in my personal and business life in this blog post. August 2013 For the first time in the last six years I celebrated my birthday with my parents on the actual day. We always in different countries …

Break Your New Year’s Resolution Today!

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Why you ask? Just after New Year’s day a friend of mine asked me what resolutions I had made for this year. I bluntly told her that none so far and would never ever make resolutions. The reason behind it is simply because I don’t believe in them. If you have made any new year’s resolutions you should try to understand what the word “resolution” actually means. The word “Resolve” means to settle or find a solution to (a problem …

Wisdom of Yoda

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I will keep this short and to the point. At the moment I am switching web hosts due to unreliability/speed issues and bad customer service.  I have never switched host before so this is a big learning experience for me as it does get a bit technical. After spending hours on trying to figuring out, I was about to give up. At that moment, I got some much needed guidance on how to exactly go about doing it. This situation …

how to fail forward

How to Fail Forward?

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I believe that “You only fail because you are on the path to Success“.  Everyone has come across failure atleast once in their lifetime, it is what you do with it that makes you who you are now. A friend of mine (Gabriel Valo) recently spoke at MindValley for Incitement. He talked about how to fail forward. One of the many questions people asked Gabriel was: “Why are you willing to persist and move forward even though you have failed?” …

The Perfect Business

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What if you had a perfect business? What would you be able to do then? Everyone has a different definition of perfection so it is never going to be the same for all but there are a number of things to consider when starting out a business. Below are some of the things I have thought about when setting up my current business. It’s not all about the money A business has to be more than just a way of …