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Darren Rowse’s 7 Quick Blogging Tips

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Today I experienced what all teenage girls go through when they see One Direction or some other boy band. I got to meet, talk and know Darren Rowse in person. I was simply Star-struck, it was like meeting a movie star but even more awesome. I even got to shake hands and get a picture taken with him (OMG, so exciting)

I have been following Darren on ProBlogger for quite a while and getting a chance to see him in Perth was just surreal. He came to Perth for the first ever Mini ProBlogger Event to give us a taste of what happens at the main PB Event.

Darren is a really humble and down to earth person, he answered any and all questions every one had. Talked to everyone who approached him at the networking event, took happy snaps posing with a big smile. He is simply a genuine person who loves doing what he does and helping others achieve success.

Darren talked about “10 things he wished he knew about blogging when he started” and shared 7 quick blogging tips at the end of the presentation.

Here are the 7 tips. By the way I don’t think Darren knows how to count, he shared 9 tips instead of 7 πŸ™‚ oh well.

7 Blogging Tips from Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse's 7 Quick Blogging Tips

Blogging Tip #1: Spend 90% of your time DOING and 10% LEARNING

For the past four to five years I have been learning and learning about Internet Marketing and running a business without even starting to implement anything I learned. Now I have started focusing on the Doing part with this blog, starting a meetup group and other parts of my business.

I wish I had decreased the learning part earlier and increased the doing part but I guess it is never too late. So make sure you don’t get caught up in the same trap as I did. You don’t need to know everything to get started.

Quick Blogging Tip

Blogging Tip #2: Write 90% for Current Readers and 10% for Future Ones

The best way to build a community and good content is to write for your current readers as they will be the ones sharing it and bringing in more readers to your blog.

Don’t go about creating viral posts for the sake of them going viral to attract future readers but create them so that they provide immense value such that the current readers make it viral by sharing it.

Quick Blogging Tip

Blogging Tip #3: Take Your Readers on a Journey

Its not about the destination but about the journey, this couldn’t be more right than in this case. Darren mentioned that you should be writing and linking content in such a manner that the reader should feel like they are on a reading/learning journey by Informing, Inspiring and Interacting with them.

Blogging Tip 3

Blogging Tip #4: Tell Your Story

There is no doubt that people connect with a story, better than any other form of content. Darren recalled an example where a reader approached him at an event asking about his son and how he was doing. Similarly most of his readers would remember the stories he had shared in his blog posts and then whenever they met him, they would ask about those personal stories.

So make sure you are not afraid to share your story, every single one of us has a unique story and it deserves to be shared.

Blogging Tip 4

Blogging Tip #5: Learn the basics of good SEO but don’t obsess about it

Darren advised that good SEO is key to organic growth of a blog, anyone and everyone blogging should know the basics such as permalinks, header tags, alt tags, keyword targeting. You can use Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin to help you out with it.

Don’t get caught up with the Google Animal (Panda, Penguin, etc..) updates and don’t spend too much time in the nitty gritty of SEO. Its better to focus on good valuable content readable by humans first.

Blogging Tip 5

Blogging Tip #6: Pay attention to your Archives

Old is Gold, Darren explained how he re-purposed some of his old evergreen posts by sharing them on social media to shine new light and share it with new readers who might not have found out about it ,if he hadn’t brought it to their attention.

So never discount the power of posts in your archives. You could also update them to make them more current and then republish them to provide a fresher aspect on it.

Blogging Tip 6

Blogging Tip #7: Make your Inner Critic a Friend

Some times it pays to listen to your inner critic before you press the publish button as it will stop you from delivering worthless content. So try to get to know your inner critic better and let it become your friend to help you filter out the good from the bad.

Blogging Tip 7

Blogging Tip #8: Move Past FEAR

Darren shared how he came over his fear of publishing his first ebook on Digital Photography School and if he hadn’t done that then he would have missed out on a whole heap of money and a really great income source.

You have to move past your fear and push that comfort zone boundary a little bit every time to be able to achieve great things.

Blogging Tip 8

Blogging Tip #9: Be Useful

At the end of the day we are here to help each other out, if we are not useful then what is the point.

So whenever you create any content make sure it adds value to your readers and provides them with useful information.

Blogging Tip 9

Make sure you check out theΒ 6 Resources to Make Your Blog Successful at ProBlogger.

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      Hey Amanda,

      Thanks for stopping by. I am still in the “did that really happen” state. Now thinking of it, he might have been in the super-generous mode πŸ™‚
      Sorry didn’t get a chance to have a chat with you. By the way you have summarized the whole PBevent pretty well on your blog as well.

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  1. I can definitely relate to the inner critic.

    And so right about evergreen content, I run a podcast and some of the stuff on it will be forever relevant which reminds me it is probably time to repost a bit on facebook.

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      Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for stopping by. Happy that you loved the ProBlogger post.
      Its comments like yours that makes all the effort worth it.
      Especially coming from a Blogger from Paradise πŸ™‚


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  10. Jenish, Wonderful Post!

    Yes. Darren is a genius guy. His 10 Tips are awesome and should follow it blogging career. I really appreciate it and I’d definitely follow his rules. Jenish, Thanks for sharing nice article with us. Keep Blogging and Bring us some latest updates on it πŸ™‚

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