Grow your business using one simple principle

How To Grow Your Business By 600% – Using ONE Simple Principle

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The Accidental Discovery

Before we dive into the ONE principle that will help grow your business by 600% I want to share with you how I discovered this strategy and what all these images have to do with it.

Grow your business by 600%

Jenish and PurveshI discovered this principle because of my best friend “Purvesh Patel” from secondary school in India.

We spent around 4 years having a lot of fun in and out of the school, after which I came to Perth (Australia) for my bachelors and he stayed back in India for his.

During our uni time we didn’t talk much, just a little bit here and there but nothing to the extent we used to.

But things changed in the past few years, though we still are miles apart (he is in UAE and I am in Australia). I still have a chat with him regularly and it’s mainly due to Purvesh. He is one of the nicest friends one could ever have.

He figured out an ingenious way of making sure of reminding me that he was there and I should check in with him often and build upon our friendship.
You remember all those funny images, well every single one of them and many more have been sent to me every single day without fail through Whats App by Purvesh.

Every time I see a message from him with a funny image, it not only lifts my spirits up and makes the day better but also reminds me he cares enough about me to send me a message. It also reminds me that he is around and prompts me to check in with him.

There is a very important lesson to learn from this story, the lesson is not only about continuing to build your friendship but also when applied properly can help grow your business by almost 600%.

The ONE Simple Principle

Grow your business using one simple principle

The Important Lesson Learnt

What had happened during the course of our friendship till now is really intriguing, especially the part how there was a lot of conversation going on during school days and then it subsided and now it has increased again.

Thinking about why this had happened the way it did, I can only think of one major factor that can explain it and that is Constant Visibility.

You see, during the school days we were always in the same environment and saw each other every single day (constantly visible). Nowadays I receive all the funny images everyday (constantly visible), it constantly reminds me of him being around and prompts me to reply.

Constant Visibility is the important lesson which when applied properly will help grow your business by 600%.

Growing Your Business By 600%

I believe that the more you are in the eyes of your customers the more chances you have of growing your business.

Considering your customers come in contact with you

Assuming you are visible to you potential customers/clients atleast once in a week and if you increase that to once every day, you have effectively increased your visibility by 600%  leading to a potential growth of your business by 600%.

Constant Visibility is the ONE simple principle in getting more customers and growing your business.

Constant Visibility is also one of the biggest reasons advertisements work.

Try this out, ask a teenager who has never bought nappies before to go and buy them.
They most probably would go buy the “Huggies” brand. The reason being that it is the brand they have grown up seeing on the television. Though at the time of watching the ad they didn’t need to buy nappies, now when they need to, they know that “Huggies” would be the best option.

Not every single person who comes across your product or services will buy them there and then.

There are quite a few reasons for that and one of the biggest one is that they don’t need it at that particular time, when they need your help, you should be the first thing that pops up in their head.

I would love to hear how you go about growing your business by being constantly visible, share in the comments below.

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