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In this post I am going to share with you exactly how I go about writing my blog posts. It is a very simple, easy to follow four step strategy to help show you how to write a blog post.

Step 1: Create a Blogging Schedule

how to write a blog postThe first thing I did before I started off writing blog posts was to decide on the frequency of my posts. I created a schedule for exactly what day I would publish my next blog post. It helped me organize, when I would write, review and publish my posts. At first I scheduled for one post a week, now I am at two per week and soon I will reach my goal of three per week.

The most important thing in blogging is consistency and your first aim should be to master it when starting out to blog.

Step 2: Set Blog Post Goals

Once you have set up your blogging schedule the next step is to establish some goals. There are two types of goals you need to setup. The first one is a personal one and the other for your audience. For example, in this post my first goal is to maintain my post consistency of two per week and the second one is to inform newbie bloggers on how to write a blog post.

Step 3: Generate Ideas

This step is my favourite as it is the root of every single blog post. To write, you need to come with an idea and then build upon it. To obtain those ideas there are a number of activities you could carry out. The one I rely on the most, is reading other blogs and books. It gets my creative juices flowing and out pop the ideas. I make it a point to read something new everyday. Apart from reading there are other ways to generate ideas, my recent post Find Content Ideas For Most Boring Topics talks about it.

Step 4: Write a blog post

I use a simple writing technique when I am writing a blog post.

  • The first step is to set a timer for 5 minutes,
  • The second one is to write a heading or title about what you are going to write about, don’t worry it doesn’t need to be the one you publish with.
  • lastly you have to write/type continuously for the five minutes without ever looking back or correcting any mistakes you have made.  Just go for it, whatever comes into your head.

There you have it, your blog post is almost ready. After you have written it leave it for a while maybe a day or two. Review it, correct it and publish it. You are done.

What are your thought on my way of how to write a blog post? Share in the comments below.

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