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JP CakeI really can’t believe its been just over a year since all this started out. Quite a lot of things went as per plan, some didn’t and some just happened without any planning.

I have captured some of the major highlights that happened in my personal and business life in this blog post.

August 2013

For the first time in the last six years I celebrated my birthday with my parents on the actual day. We always in different countries and it was hard to work something out. It was a surreal feeling, there is nothing that could ever beat that.

Me mom and dadI honestly can’t thank my parents enough for making me who I currently am. Love you Mom and Dad.

I launched JenishPandya.Com as a blog to help other business owners with the whole online marketing thing. It took me around two odd weeks to get the website and graphics sorted along with planning for what I was going to write and the business model I was going to work with. They were really hectic weeks.

September & October 2013

My HomeI took the plunge and decided to build a house. The building process is still going on and has been a hell of a ride so far. All three (me and my parents) of us pretty much spent the two months on doing all the paper work selecting the material and visiting different places for ideas and what not. It is an interesting process and I am not sure whether I want to go through it again.

In terms of my business activities I was laying out the foundation and meeting new people and still figuring out what services or products I was going to offer. My blogging activity was continuing and was getting a little bit of traction. Nothing major.

November & December 2013

I went on an amazing fun filled road-trip to Albany over the Christmas break with a few friends. Its picturesque places like Albany and the road-trips that I love living in Western Australia.

Me and RonI was making my business network stronger and meeting some of the key influencers in Perth Business. While all this was going on, I was also helping Ron Gibson with his online business strategy and website creation + maintenance. Ron has been an amazing mentor and friend to me. My business wouldn’t have been where it is hadn’t it been for him.

January & February 2014

Having lived in Australia for more than six years, in February I became an Australian Citizen allowing me to call this place my other home.

Grow Your Business Online PerthI started a local meetup group called “Grow Your Business Online Perth” to help local SMEs learn about online marketing. Its where I deliver a workshop once a month on a specific strategy to grow their business online. It has grown to 111 members so far and still growing.

One of the additional cool thing that happened was I got to meet the awesome Darren Rowse from ProBlogger at the Perth Mini PBevent, you can read about the 7 Quick Blogging tips he shared at the event. Also another opportunity arose from that meeting.

March & April 2014

Nothing major happened in my personal activity this couple of months, just the normal catching up and hanging out with friends was going on.

This two months were massive for me as this was when I signed up two clients for some project work and also another for consulting. It reinstated my belief that what I had on offer was worth it and really helpful. Simply put I was Ecstatic.

May, June & July  2014

Poland GroupA lot of things happened over this three months, I surprised my parents for their 25th by visiting them in India. I made some awesome friends during my volunteering in Poland. I found out that kids adore and love me. Traveled a bit around Europe for the first time and that too by myself. I could go on and on about all that happened, might be a few blog posts on their own.

During my travels, I managed to get some work done on projects for clients and also upon return to Australia I found out that I had managed to earn approximately $500 in affiliate income.
The lifestyle of an Internet Entrepreneur is very much real and rewarding.
It is possible to make money while you sleep, You just have to work your bum off beforehand to reap the rewards later.

In July end I also got published on Problogger with my post titled ProBlogger in Perth: 10 Things Darren Wishes He Knew About Blogging. The best thing is that they stopped accepting unsolicited submissions and I still managed to get published, Woooohooo.

What’s Next

I have decided to narrow and focus down my niche on Professional Speakers.

So you will be seeing my new blog posts moving towards that direction and in terms of my other activities there is so many cool things in store.

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  1. Hi Jenish, nice to read about your blogging journey so far. If you ever find yourself in Albany again, be sure to look me up – it would be great to get together and chat 🙂

    1. Post

      Hi Fay,

      Thanks for checking out the blog, looks like you doing some great work on Property Investing Support.
      Will be in touch if I do come down to Albany and let me know if you come over to Perth. We could catchup for a coffee.

      Let me know if there is anything I could do to help out.

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