ultimate guest post challenge

Undertaking The Ultimate Guest Post Challenge

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I recently got published on ProBlogger, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Here is a snapshot of what happened in terms of Social Media. I couldn’t believe it, also there are around 35 odd comments on the post itself. Simply unbelievable.

ProBlogger Post Social Media Impact

After that I got an opportunity to share my story “How To Get Featured As a Guest Writer On One of the World’s Most Popular Blogs” on Brad and Matt’s “Learn To Blog” website.

All this happened without much planning into it, It is like a domino effect, one thing lead to another and now to this.

The whole of last year I thought that I wasn’t good enough to write guest posts, my writing sucked and no one was interested in what I had to say. Hence I didn’t even bother into looking at guest posting. It was simply a fear that I had built up within myself.

It got me thinking that if two guest posts can generate such activity what could possibly happen with more. So I thought of challenging myself to the ultimate guest posts challenge.

Ultimate Guest Post Challenge

The challenge is to publish on average one guest post per week for the whole of next year. That is 52 guest posts while continuing posts on my own blog.

For my blog I am planning to continue the posts at the same rate as well. So in total I would have published 104 posts in a year, not bad considering I am still working full-time, consulting, doing project work for clients and training events.

This challenge is going to take a lot of discipline and hard work, I want to test whether I have got it in me or not.

So if you are interested in growing your blog traffic, subscribers, brand and ultimately revenue then I invite you to take on the Ultimate Guest Post Challenge.

Comment below of what you think of the challenge and whether you will be taking it on?

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